Hello, Must We, Goodbye Photograph: Rex Features

“Goodbye,” he said.

She stood looking down, lest to see up ahead
To be blinded, she preferred
Than to witness the world undesirably
‘Till, like old dusty story books
Appeared a lease on life
Unexpected, but inevitable

“Hello,” she said.

Finally, a sound, so subtle, so pure
She lifted her head, slowly
Carefully, coupling sound with existence
For something as chaste as this
It does not last forever

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Just Before The Leap Credit to LIFE magazine

Walking towards plain sight
Over the wreckage, stepping on tiles
You wait by the sunlight, our only source
Walking, faster now
Under dangling wires and broken bulbs
Treading on the remains of a few minutes ago
Towards you, the window reveals hope
My dress torn and shredded
My feet soaked in concrete blackness
You hold out your arms, as if to help me
My arms shake, my fear collapsing me
Tears do…

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Just before going home.

War in my mind.

The calm is yet to come.
As I try hard to focus my eyes,
I am but disheveled, confused, disheartened,
I am lonely, I am disconsolate.
Anger envelops me,
Like the sun shine hitting and melting the skin off the earth.
Anger takes over me,
Like the mountains shaking, gripping in fear,
For the small but striking metal clasping its soil,
For the being trying hard, but failing to appreciate the idea of…

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The Times "I think only stupid people have good relationships."

Ghost World (2001)

The times in darkness, just above the world
The times looking out, but never seeing more
The times we could’ve, but never told
The time we fought, thoughts would pour

She never asked, never said,
And never knew.
He moved, always ahead, always away,
And always grew.

The times in sunlight, under every cloud of doubt
The times of trying, but failing no matter what
The times of confusion, drowning…

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